Two Hundred

As in this is my 200th blog post.  Go me. And I have had 200 likes.  So go you (everyone who’s read and/or liked my blog). On to the actual post. I did something very scary and I still feel a bit ashamed.  I went to Saint Vincent de Paul and got food.  Which I … Continue reading Two Hundred

It’s Been Awhile

Sorry I haven’t posted in two week but I’ve been dealing with a few things.  Or not dealing with them as the case maybe in a few cases. Friendship issues and what friendship means, what it is in my life or lack there of Money issues, as usual My depression Food or lack there of, … Continue reading It’s Been Awhile


Red Sox won!!!  While they’ll never be my Cubies, I will root for Boston when they are in the playoffs or World Series. (Or any team that beats the evil empire, those evil Yankees)  And they won!! So some good news for me. And yes, I did make it to the library and got most … Continue reading Woohoo!!!

I Made the Phone Call

And, yes, I lost my benefits.  I can appeal the decision though it probably won’t make a difference.  I knew this would happen even though I wanted to keep my benefits but evil security company always gets what they want. Now I really have to find a job, any job soon.  I did it to … Continue reading I Made the Phone Call

Monday, Monday

Mondays and I don’t get along very well.  I didn’t fall asleep until after five this morning and so decided to sleep until after six this evening.  I didn’t help that I had started my period but I still made the choice to sleep most of the day. So of course the one major phone … Continue reading Monday, Monday

Food and Fun

So first off update: I finally got the hearing decisions, there are two, back.  One says I can keep my benefits.  The other says I can’t.  So I’m not sure what the final result is.  So I intend to call tomorrow for clarification.  I’m also working on NOT thinking about or dwelling on this whole … Continue reading Food and Fun