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The Arctic Would Be Warmer

Well, maybe, maybe not.

We’re in single digit temps here. Single digits. And sunny. With highs still expected to be below freezing.

The snow is still around and won’t be melting any time soon. I took the bus to jury duty yesterday. Ended up not being selected, thankfully. I was still able to volunteer at the library. 

Granted, I wish I knew how to ice skate because the sidewalks and streets were icy. I could have skated instead of walked well, more like worked very hard not to slip and fall. Did wrench both my knees with all the little slips I did take. My lower back is also sore. Thankfully no injuries, just ache-y soreness.

I did have fun looking for snowpeople on the bus ride into jury duty. Did see a few. Was glad I didn’t drive because there was a car accident I saw on the way home.

I just want all the snow to melt so I can finally drive. Otherwise, I’m stuck at home. I won’t go hungry (I made more Chicken Tortilla Soup this morning) but I am getting low on things. And not a lot of variety. But I’ll be okay.

And yes, I still hate snow. Just because it looks like a winter wonderland out there doesn’t impress me. It’s just irritates me and impacts my ability to do things.



It’s snowing again. *head desk*

I have jury duty tomorrow. *double face palm* *double head desk* *bangs head against wall* 

I’m going back to bed. Wake me when spring comes.

Seven Hours Later

This was at 12:23 am

At 7:16 am:

It looks like it’s closer to a foot of snow out there and we still have the potential to get more this morning. This ties with the Storm of ’08 for most snow in one day. At least this time we didn’t have freezing rain on top of it.

No More Snow

I am making a major demand here: no more snow or freezing rain or ice or temps below freezing. None of that, whatsoever. I’m sick of it.

I didn’t go to Mass this morning due to the weather. The ice alone made it very unsafe. The state police said stay home unless absolutely necessary. I listened and made my own judgement call based on safety. I did discover that youth group and a few other activities we’re still going on. I felt that was a bad judgement call for safety reasons. Morning Masses were apparently cancelled but the evening Spanish Mass and Confessions were still on. I’m not sure who made that call but the person who posted it on the parish’s Facebook page is still very new to Oregon so has no clue what to do when this atypical weather happens.  That irks me. I want people to be safe, not guilted into going to Mass in unsafe conditions. It is ACCEPTABLE to miss Mass due to weather, especially when it is unsafe to drive. Mass is important but your health and safety are just as important.

It’s barely above freezing right now and were expected to get more freezing rain before it turns to plain ole rain. Now it just needs to warm up and melt everything, well, the snow and ice. I’m not driving anywhere tomorrow either.  I will do my library volunteer hours, if they’re open. They should be but won’t know until the morning. I definitely need it all to gone by Tuesday for my appointment. At least I have a ride.

It’s Raining, It’s Pouring

Oh, wait. There’s the sun. Nope, sun is gone again. And it’s raining. No it’s pouring. Just sprinkling. Now it’s pouring again.

Oregon weather in five minutes.  All today.

Went to the “interview”. Almost a waste of my time. Since it’s a staffing agency, I have to check in once a week to see if there is any work.  So nothing really gained especially since they had nothing for me now.

I get to keep applying to jobs.  Now if my food benefits issue would resolve itself,  things would be better.

Went To Interview

And I’m not taking the job. Not that it was going to work anyways because I don’t work weekends. But I went in knowing I was going to say no and that helped immensely. I will find a job so I’m not worried.

I do feel better mentally especially since I was up before noon.  I feel more functional. So a better day.

Off to pick up a few groceries and get soaked. Apparently it rains in Oregon. *insert heavy sarcasm*

Survey Says…

A. Very
B. Somewhat
C. Not to
D. Not at all

Those were some of the options the phone survey I did this evening.  I saw the call and thought it was stupid loan company or the credit card company.  It wasn’t.  I got to do a survey.  While I’m not restricted from talking about what the survey questions were about, I just don’t care to. 

I will mention that as I a being asked these questions I was thinking these questions were way too wordy and that I could figure out the slant by the way the questions were worded.  You can word questions in such a way so that you get the answers you want.  That’s my anthropologist self shining through.  I know the tricks though I’ve never used or designed a survey in my studies. But I know how to design surveys and how to read them.

And I realized that I’m fairly well versed in current events even though I read the news very little and never watch it (but then my TV hasn’t worked in two years so watching anything is a bit problematic). 

In other news, my depression is still here.  I went to the library Monday evening to return a few books and pick up ones I had requested.  One of the librarians is becoming a friend so I chatted with her for a few minutes before checking out my books and then walking home.  I got home and all I wanted to do is cry.  Just a trip to the library.  Nothing major.  But tears. There were many times this week when I was either on the verge of tears or all out crying.

My sleep schedule has also been messed up though I hope now it should be on track again. At least I should be getting up before noon.

So far this Lent I’ve managed the whole not eating meat  Wednesday through Friday.  I’ve been working on adding but this week was a loss largely due to the depression and sleep issues.  At least I’ve been working on reading the daily readings.  I was trying to add at least one of the hours from the Liturgy of the Hours but only lasted a few days.  I also planned on attending Mass and Stations of the Cross on Fridays but so far haven’t managed or didn’t even think about it until three hours after the fact. 

I have gone to a different Mass each weekend.  Tomorrow, well, today now, I plan on going to Confession and then staying for 5:30 Mass.  We’ll see how that goes.

I’ve been reading up on introversion, being an introvert myself, and realized another major reason why I was so burned out those last few months working for evil security company.  I was expected to act as an extrovert all the time and was surrounded by a lot of major extroverts.  I was hit so mentally and emotionally exhausted by all this and didn’t know it.  All the garbage, harassment, and bullying didn’t help either. So while I was good at security, it was a terrible fit for me introversion wise.  I was overwhelmed and being so exhausted I didn’t know it.  I’m so glad I’m out of there.

It is Spring here.  We’ve barely had rain and so little snow this winter.  We’ve been pretty mild.  I suspect this summer is going to be not very fun.  And we’re going to have water issues due to the lack of snow.


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