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Abortion Is A Tool Of Patriarchy

Abortion does not give women freedom over their sexuality or their bodies. Abortion just further enslaves women to Patriarchy and men. Abortion allows men to control women’s bodies and turn them into male bodies for their sexual pleasure. The male body is elevated through abortion. Abortion suppresses the female body and its inherent value.  Abortion allows men to destroy the one creative element that women contain in their sexuality that allows them to generate new life, to build and create civilization. Only women can truly create new life. Men can only participate partially in creating a new life.

Patriarchy loves abortion because it means they can have sex with women without consequences.  If the woman gets pregnant, she can just have an abortion. Patriarchy doesn’t want to be responsible for a child so abortion allows them to have consequence free sex and force women to bear the brunt of men’s sexual activities. The child would be proof of the man having sexual relations and an abortion removes that proof. Abortion allows a man to hide and cover up his “indiscretions” while forcing a woman to suffer the consequences of same. His body is safe and can continue to engage in sexual activities while the woman has to put her body through a “procedure” that kills one person and may easily kill her. And if it does kill her, her death matters not and definitely will not be seen as a result of getting an abortion. And definitely will not be reported as a result of an abortion.  Deaths caused by abortions are the one cause of death in this country that is legally allowed to be covered up and ignored and never investigated. How fair is that to the women who die due to abortion? Their families mourning the losses of not only their daughter, wife, mother, sister but another family member they will never get to meet? To love.

Women’s sexuality is forced into the service of men with abortion. Abortion allows men to dictate how a woman views her body.  Abortion allows men to control and oppress women’s bodies all in service of his sexual urges.  With abortion, a man can have sex with any woman he wants.  Consent becomes irrelevant because the woman has given away her consent and rights when she supports and/or gets an abortion.  Through abortion, patriarchy has convinced women of the lie that they now have control over their bodies and their sexual activities.  Women do not.  Not with abortion. Patriarchy, through abortion and birth control, have gained further control of women and women have permitted this, thinking they have gained freedom when in reality they have become further enmeshed and oppressed. Men get to keep using women as sexual objects and women encourage this by supporting this and willingly turning themselves into sexual objects because they believe this makes them free. 


The Angries

I have anger issues.

There. I said it.

But I’m not supposed to get angry or be angry or feel angry or show anger.

I’m supposed to keep my mouth shut and take it. I’m to keep smiling and never show any emotion but happiness. Feeling any emotion is explicitly NOT allowed.

That’s not what women do.

That’s not what good Catholics do.

That’s not what good Catholic women do.

I’m not supposed to get angry at all. It’s practically apostasy and pretty much a sin against the Holy Spirit.  No one who wants to be considered a good person ever gets angry, especially not a woman.

Feeling anger means I’m entitled and as a woman I am not entitled to anything. I am to put up and shut up.

So getting angry means I have completely and unforgivable – ly screwed up. Only God can get angry. And men. And certain women. But not me. My anger makes me evil.

There is no injustice in world, well not for me. I’m to put up and shut up.  My anger is wrong and has condemned me to Hell.  I’m supposed to be all sweetness and light. I’m supposed to let the bullies and the abusers win. That is godly. They say that is what God wants and the only way to truly love God: let yourself be abused and accept the abuse as deserving. Abuse is love.

I’m not supposed to get angry at my mother for abusing me. I deserved it, you know, for not being the child she wanted.

I’m not supposed to get angry with the agendas that force sin and destruction down our throats.  I am to suffer silently, or better yet accept and indulge in the destruction.

I’m not supposed to get angry with the neighbors who have no respect for me or my things. I deserve their harassment and abuse because I’m not a person worthy of respect.

I’m not supposed to get angry but I do. But I’m not supposed to, am not allowed to be angry. So what am I supposed to do?

I confess it all the time. Avoid the things that deliberately make me angry. But I still get angry. I pray. I go to Adoration and end up angrier hours later.

I am an angry person but I’m told, no, demanded, that I never get angry or ever feel anger.  I hate that I get angry because I believe all this.  And I’m definitely angry at myself for being such a screw up and failure and for getting angry.

But I’m still angry. I tried all the techniques and nothing has worked. So what am I supposed to do? Become a Vulcan?

Some of the Road to “Gay Marriage”

It all started with Martin Luther.  You know, that guy.  The one who started the Protestant Reformation.  Or more accurately, the loss of millions of souls to man made heresy.  He started the redefinition of marriage saying it was not a sacrament and even allowing polygamy (Defenders of the Faith).

Protestantism opened the door for unrestrained free market capitalism.  Why worry about your immortal soul when you can make money now and enjoy its rewards now?  Besides, with Protestantism, only those in your really special group are going to Heaven so manipulate others into slaving away for money and cheap goods.  And you can just start your own with its own beliefs and moral codes if you don’t like anyone else’s.

Claim religious persecution  (never mind the persecution you and your group have wrought; Puritans persecuted and were very intolerant) and leave to a “new” land.  Persecute anyone coming from your home country if they differ religiously from you or abuse them until they conform to your ways and beliefs.   This will work for a few centuries till you appear to have changed your ways only to better hide your hate so that you can continue to have power to abuse, harass, and even kill those you still don’t believe exactly as you do. 

Allege to get fed up with your home country and declare freedom and war.  Go to war.  Win.  Right a Constitution that guarantees rights to the religious majority but with the end ideal being freedom from all religion, especially Christianity (Reinventing Liberal Christianity). Religion should be kept private and in the home.  Keep up the harassment and abuse and slavery and classism and racism. Enlightenment has shown you the truth of these as well as “science”.  Harass, bully, and kill Catholics just to prove that you are “better” than them.  Fail.

Make money.  Explore the country you “bought” and harass and abuse the local natives who lived here first.  Do so quietly at first because you can buy their land from them at a steal.  Start a war over slavery but isn’t really about slavery at all.  One side wins, the other loses and the slaves are no longer called slaves but suffer the same conditions and abuses.  Keep oppressing and legislate that oppression into law.

Create legislation that puts local natives on reservations, keeps freed slaves from gaining any rights, and keeps immigrants from anything but slave labor.  Remember,  Enlightenment taught us the inferiority of those not white, Anglo, straight, and Protestant. Science and reason support.  Legislate involuntary sterilization on those deemed “unfit” (Buck v. Bell; Three Generations, No Imbeciles).  We don’t want undesirables reproducing.

Church of England will change their teaching on birth control in 1930 and the damage to women, men, children, families, marriages, and society has been horrendous and mind boggling. Objectivation of women becomes mandatory.  More people stop believing in God or following His precepts.

Allow women to work for the war effort then force them home again when the men return.  They’re only good as wives and mothers.  Actually, they are only sexual objects.  Start using women as sexual objects in advertising.

Create the Pill so that women can be “free” from pregnancy but in reality enslaves women to much worse.  Fill everyone’s heads with lies about free love, no fault divorce, sex without consequences, abortion and the right to choose, the right of a woman to her own body.  Make sex all about pleasure rather than the marital embrace about unity and procreation.

The Catholic Church will stand up for the truth (“Humanae Vitae”) but end up ridiculed by even her own children for “not getting with the times”.  Many will choose to violate Church teaching on sex and marriage and will promote those sins.  Many will leave the Catholic Church but many more with stay and try to force a change.  They unfortunately succeed at the individual level. 

See sin promoted as normal on TV and in books.  Treat those that see sin as sin as irrelevant and stuck in the past.  Ignore and deride them publicly and frequently.  Brag about how having sex all the time will many different people is wonderful.  Brag about how abortion is a woman’s right and how babies are now wanted.  Brag about how birth control lets women have sex when they want with whomever they want without consequences.  Brag about how religion is antiquated and has no use anymore but protect those in “persecuted ” religions.  Christianity is not one of them.

Create computers and the World Wide Web.  Make it so that everyone has to use it to do business.  Use it to influence and manipulate businesses and governments to do what the Electronic Herd wants (The Lexus and the Olive Tree).  Use it for social justice means and gatherings.  Use it to commit crimes, to pander pornography and abuse, to traffic in human lives.

Start showing gay people everywhere.   Ignore and even cover up truths about homosexuality.  Portray them as no different than everyone else.  Play up the lies about being persecuted and harassed.  Talk about rights and how gays just want to love their partner.  Continue to ignore the promiscuity, the abuse, the child sex abuse, the high levels of STDs among gays.  Ignore how gays bully and abuse other gays and straights at much higher rates than straights on gays. 

Create the concept of “hate crimes” that applies to only gays and “persecuted religions”.  Catholics will be attacked and even killed, in one case, for supporting Church teaching on marriage but this case never gets accurately reported or treated as a hate crime or that it was a  gay man attacking a Catholic woman for being Catholic.

Create a culture of me.  Make everything about the individual and their rights, wants, “needs”.  Elevate narcissism to new heights (The Impulse Society). Disdain marriage and child rearing.  Make money, sex, and pleasure the end all of everything.  Villify those that want tradition marriage with distinct sex and gender roles and children.  Allow God to exist only as a vending machine. 

Give out free birth control to teens and pre-teens in school and teach explicit sex education as a means of preventing “teen pregnancy”.  Belittle and demean abstinence and chastity as useless and pointless and something that only “those weird, stupid Christians” do.  Keep pushing how pleasurable and wonderful sex is and how to have “safe sex”.  If they get pregant, they can just have an abortion and adults will even drive teens and children across state lines to procure an abortion.

Hell, tell girls that they can just use abortion as a form of birth control.  They do not have to take responsibility for their actions.  If a teenage girl or even a young girl is raped, they can get an abortion. The rapist can walk right into the clinic with the rape victim and force her to get an abortion and he will never be caught.  He can go on raping her until he gets bored and moves onto another victim.  Laws about mandatory reporting don’t matter in abortion.  Only the abortion matters.  The girl has no rights or protections but the rapist, child molesters, abortion doctors, etc. do.

Make marriage about “love” not about holiness and children (Catechism of the Catholic Church).  Make love just a feeling instead of a choice of will, and action, and a sacrifice.   Then bully, bully, bully.

That’s how you get “gay marriage”.  It’s also how polygamy will be judicially imposed within the next ten years, making it “legal”.  There are already cases in the works for that.  Pedophilia is not far behind.  Hell, there was a conference somewhere in England just in the last few months that argued that pedophilia is a “”normal”” sexual orientation and that 1 in 35 British men are oriented that way.  Hogwash but it has already started.  (The double quotation marks are to emphasize how wrong that term is in regards to a deviant, criminal behavior that has the sexual abuse of children as its aim.)

That’s how, in brief overview, we in America got “gay marriage”. And yet, not all is lost.  They have a “legal” “right” to “marriage” but not a sacramental privilege.  And marriage is a privilege, not a right.  And those that “gained” the “right” to “gay marriage” have still lost.  They are still in mortal sin that is offensive to God. 

They are not in a true marriage and never will be, no matter the legal wrangling and decay of culture and the true meaning of words. But they can still repent and give up their sinful ways.  Gays who live this way are not totally lost though if they do not repent and become chaste they will be lost forever.

We still have a fight on our hands because many gays and their supporters want to force churches to perform “gay marriages” regardless of what those churches profess and believe.  They are the ones persecuting people, especially Christians. 

Many Christians, and especially the Catholic Church, hold to the true teaching of marriage and sex that God revealed and created.  Many gays and even many “Christians” don’t like that and want to force them to change.  They’ll even deliberately misinterpret the Bible to show acceptance for their support of sin.  But for those of us who hold to the truth about sex and marriage as God created need to keep strong,  keep the faith, and pass the Faith on to others accurately so that they know the truth and about sin.  And so that they don’t fall into sin.

We can change the world.  It will take time, prayer, persistence, and real God oriented love.  Nothing is impossible with God.  We must trust Him and ask for His help and grace.  So pray.  And don’t be a jerk in teaching the truth.

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How We Got “Gay Marriage”

Deleted post due to the fact that I think the topic needs more research, well citations, on my part and all of these books are at the public library or online. It’s something I see but I’m not sure I can convince others of. But these books have influenced my thinking in the regards to how “gay marriage” unfortunately came about and how the slippery slope of other perversions being made legal will happen within the next decade.

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Erasing Curves

Which isn’t really possible. Do you know why thin is considered the only “acceptable” female form?  Straight lines are easy to erase.  Curves are not.

Think of a drawing.  Straight lines take little work to make and little work to remove.  Curvy lines take more effort and work, are more deliberate.  More dangerous.

Now think of a straight stretch of highway versus a stretch of highway full of curves alongside mountains and switchbacks.  The straight stretch is easy to navigate, open, simple to use, and doesn’t require a lot of effort.  The stretch with curves and switchbacks is much more difficult to navigate, having to be aware of your environment, the road itself, signage about curves and how fast to take them, and so much more mentally and physically intensive.  More dangerous if you make a mistake or there are problems with the road.

A thin woman is easy to erase out of existance.  She doesn’t have a body or so little of a body that it is easy to ignore and erase.

Curvy women, fat women, well, they can’t be erased.  Their bodies exist and cannot be easily removed.  Their bodies are in your face, so to speak.  You cannot ignore a fat woman’s body.  That woman exists, is real.

Having a body allows a person to exist, to engage in the world, to make an impact, to give voice to ills and pains and sorrows and joys and pleasures.  A body makes you real.  Bodies are not objects but an act of creation by God aided by your parents.

But we live in a world that is actively out to erase women and their existence.  And women encourage and even take part in this erasure of half of humanity.  All in the name of “health” and even “beauty” or even “rights”.  It is all a bunch of lies.

The Morality of Weight

Is being “overweight”* a moral issue?

(And what is “overweight”?)

No, unless you are a glutton but most people who are called “overweight” or have weight or body issues are not gluttons. They are just fat and there is nothing wrong with being fat and healthy. Thin is thin and fat is fat and neither are a moral failing.  Too many factors go into weight. And experts knew back in 1998 that being “overweight” is not a health risk but the dieting industry doesn’t want you to know that (Fat!So?, 1998).**  And that diets have a 98% failure rate meaning those who lose weight will gain it all back in five years.**

The thing is until rather recently, weight, obesity, mental health, physical health isdues, etc. were thought to be moral issues.  And many still think they are. If a person was overweight, that person was at fault because they chose to eat too much or to not exercise.  A person chose to be fat so they needed to wise up to their choice to be fat and unhealthy and go on a diet and exercise.

Women are bombarded with the message that their bodies are fat and ugly.  To fix this they must diet, exercise, lose large amounts of weight, wear makeup, and dress in a specific way.  Only then will women be considered beautiful and desirable and worthy of consideration.  Or, you are not a woman until you barely eat, exercise three times a day, weight only a 105 pounds, and look like you stepped out a Victoria’s Secret ad. So “supermodel thin.”

Again, turning the female body into an object of economic consumption.

But this is a recent development.  Until the 19th century, fat women were celebrated and thin women were looked down upon.  This had to do with economics.  Fat women could eat more therefore they had more money to buy food so they were probably rich or at least well off.  Thin women did not get enough to eat so were more likely to be poor so more likely to be servants or working and not have much money.  So being fat was a sign of wealth.

The change from fat, rich women to thin, rich women is still motivated by wealth.  Just look at what the working poor can buy or those on food stamps versus the wealthy or middle class.  Fruit, meat, and vegetables are now more expensive than processed foods so those on a restricted budget are limited in what they can buy especially when they have to feed a family.  So it is NOT their fault they are left with poor food choices that may cause weight gain. And it is not their fault they do not have access to healthy food choices.

Being fat is not a moral failing.  It is a failing of food producers, grocery stores, governments, employers, etc. who influence food prices and choices and monetary wages.  So you are not sinning by being fat.  I am not sinning by being fat.


*Overweight is an arbitrary term with no real medical definition.  The BMI  (Body Mass Index) is also arbitrary and is based off of height and weight lists that were, again, arbitrary.  No real science exists to support any of these fraudulent devices.

**Wann, Marilyn. (1998) Fat!So? Because you don’t have to aplogize for your size.
(While dated, it is a good mix of fat positive support and healthy living.)

Girls Are Sex Objects (And You Better Treat Them That Way)

Yes, the title is provocative but it’s also true.  Two, no, three different blog posts I read on WordPress Reader TODAY have mentioned modesty and how girls dress.  Girls not even teens but prepubescent girls.

The first post was under the Catholic tag and was about modesty.  Anytime religion or faith enters into a discussion about girls and how they dress I an very, very, very wary.  And I’m Catholic   but some take it too far.

It usually ends up being a blame fest pointing the finger at the girls and making them at fault for a man’s actions.  It’s the Professional Weaker Brother Syndrome and it’s a deliberate misinterpretation of a Bible verse which I’m not even going to bother to post here.

Now this a blog post was mostly okay up until the blogger mentioned that men and women are so different that women can’t understand that men are so visual and that women’s fashion are hurting them. 

Hello, No. 

Men are visual but that does not excuse them for their actions, attitudes, and behaviors.  There was more than that but it basically came down to: Women, you are dressing like sluts and hurting our poor, weak men by making them lust and so you hussies need to get with the program and dress how these poor men tell you to dress.  And you should be so ashamed of yourselves for being born female with breasts and curves.  You need to hide and cover up.

And all of this is coming from WOMEN.  How messed up is that?

Then there was the blog post about a dress code for middle schoolers.  The dress code wasn’t so much the problem as the enforcement of it was.  Remember, these girls are 11-14.  But the blogger made very important points.  Girls are being told from a very young age and even in school where they shouldn’t have to deal with theses issues, that their looks are more important than any abilities or talents they might have.

Like I said sex objects.  Girls and women are being assaulted visually and mentally into being sex objects.  Advertisers know sex sells so they use it in everything.  Even toys and clothes for little girls.  We are  being turned into sex objects and told to stay there. Human beings need not apply.

And girls and women get it from all sides.  Christians, Muslims, and Orthodox Jews (believe me, it’s not just Fundy Christians who have dress codes for women) all point to women and outright blame women for men’s behavior.  I know Christian and Muslims back up their unrealistic proscriptions with Bible and Quran verses, respectively.  They focus on how women behave and dress but they also send the message to boys and women that women are constantly setting traps so that men are forced to sin.  Yes, forced because, at least Christians, choose to selectively forget that it is the individual who chooses to sin.  You cannot force a person to sin.  That’s a sin in and of itself.  But then as soon as it involves women, men, and any hint or idea of sex women are automatically at fault no matter if it was the man doing the sinning, as in the case of rape.

Especially in Fundy circles, where boys are indoctrinated at a young age to see women as objects and that anything girls and women do or say or wear can make a man sin, this perverse idea of modesty has taken hold.  Women are objects unless you are married them it’s a person but boys, just as much as girls, are hurt by modesty doctrine.  They are told girls are objects, sex demons that are out to trap them, that they aren’t to think about sex or their body or anybody’s body because that’s lust and sin but then it all becomes okay after you get married and that being married means you will have awesome sex all the time and lust will never be a problem and then you have ALL sorts of problems.

Worse, this has leaked into secular culture.   Preteen girls are being told they can’t wear this or that because they have hit puberty which means breasts have started growing and other physical changes.  Girls and women are being punished for being born female.  They aren’t supposed to dress indecently but then are punished for dressing like a girl.  

It’s not just dress codes.  It’s about sex and gender.  Feminists can argue all they want that women are better treated than they were a hundred years ago, two hundred years ago but really, in many ways, things haven’t changed.  Or they have gotten worse.  Women are expected to turn themselves into sex objects and are punished, usually by OTHER WOMEN, when these women refuse to and instead, see themselves as living, beating human beings worthy of dignity and respect.  Worse, many feminists are guilty of telling women to dress like sluts and them slut shaming these women for doing what the feminists tell them to do.

So, like I said, all sides. Women aren’t objects and it’s a lie that  women and girls are being force fed from a young age.  Dress like a women and you will upset a whole bunch of people.  Christians will say you causing man to sin and that you are a stumbling block.  Secular authorities tell you that you are causing problems for boys.  Feminists say you can dress how you want but then shame you no matter how you dress.

So it sucks to be a women.  You are at fault for EVERYTHING.  Turn yourself into an object.  Many men, and even some women, will be happy that you are a sex object they can use and discard for their pleasure.  Many men, and a whole lot more women, still think you are an object but an object of shame and ridicule, something to be made an example of and then thrown in the trash.

Women are not objects.  We are people, actual and whole.  Our exterior appearance is part of us but it isn’t all of us.  We are more than the sum of our external parts. We are not objects to be used but people who want to be loved and cared for, for who we are as a whole, not for some little piece of us.

How we dress is not that important though it may reflect that person’s personality.  We are not breasts and butts for you to ogle.  You have no right to judge how we dress or how we look or if we have the right body parts or not.  You do not get to judge or look at my body for your own depraved desired and then blame me for existing. You do not get to decide if I am pretty or not, attractive or not.  You do not get to decide if I am worth fucking or not.

I am not an object.  I am a woman with talents and abilities.  I will dress however I want.  I am not here to serve your depraved desires or to “serve” you in any way.  I will not listen to your stupid judgments about me, about how I dress, about how I look, about how pretty or not I am.  I will not let you have a say in my life.

Like the poster said, I am Me and I am Okay.


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