Abortion Is A Tool Of Patriarchy

Abortion does not give women freedom over their sexuality or their bodies. Abortion just further enslaves women to Patriarchy and men. Abortion allows men to control women’s bodies and turn them into male bodies for their sexual pleasure. The male body is elevated through abortion. Abortion suppresses the female body and its inherent value.  Abortion … Continue reading Abortion Is A Tool Of Patriarchy

The Angries

I have anger issues. There. I said it. But I’m not supposed to get angry or be angry or feel angry or show anger. I’m supposed to keep my mouth shut and take it. I’m to keep smiling and never show any emotion but happiness. Feeling any emotion is explicitly NOT allowed. That’s not what … Continue reading The Angries

Erasing Curves

Which isn’t really possible. Do you know why thin is considered the only “acceptable” female form?  Straight lines are easy to erase.  Curves are not. Think of a drawing.  Straight lines take little work to make and little work to remove.  Curvy lines take more effort and work, are more deliberate.  More dangerous. Now think … Continue reading Erasing Curves