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Well, That’s That

I’m home earlier from the temp job. Between the back pain, knee pain and whatever happened to two of the fingers of my right hand, I went home early. I was stretching out the back muscles and apparently that’s not something you’re supposed to do so I was told to go home which was fine by me.  I’m surprised that more people aren’t hurt because I didn’t see anybody doing anything to prevent repetitive motion injuries.  The job was almost all repetitive motion that could injury.  And it was pretty disorganized.  I’m not sure how anything gets done because nobody knows anything.  This was just not a good job.

The schedule didn’t help either. My insomnia was at its worst and I can’t survive on little sleep for long.  That’s when I end up in tears like I did at work yesterday and as I drove home today.  And it doesn’t help my depression, especially since I didn’t know exactly when I was finishing my shift. 

But I do have that interview Monday so that’s a step in the right direction. And I have to deal with state bureaucracy again since there’s some snafu that keeps losing my paperwork.  But the bad neighbor is finally gone. At least that’s some good news.


Some Good News

I already have an interview for another job on Monday.  I have to do some research for it (it’s been awhile since I applied) but it’s much better than the job I’m working this week.  I’ve been rather blessed with all the call backs and interviews lately. I just hope it means I can find the job that fits and will work out the best for all involved.

I made it through day two.  My back is currently on strike.  I can barely bend because all the muscles are so stiff and painful.  And I’ve got a rash on my neck from the protective coat I have to wear.  Yes, I’m complaining.  I never want to see another box again. Or rolls of packing tape. Or pallets.  Only two more days.  At least, I didn’t cry at work.  But it’s still mind numbing.

More Stupid Anxiety

So this morning I woke up and still really didn’t want to go to work.  And I’ve been in tears since then as well.  So I called the staffing company to tell them I had another job offer and that I would be finishing out this week. I could not keep doing this job. But at least I’ll have a little money. The job and the shift were just too much.

Back to the job search.

That First Day

Well, I got through my first day working the temp job. And now I really still don’t want it. It’s stultifyingly mind numbing. And with my anxiety and depression that is not a good thing. I need a job that is challenging.  Right now I’m probably only going to get through one week of this, if that.  I need something better. So I’m going to keep looking for jobs and how I hear back from previous ones I’ve applied for.

Stupid Anxiety

I’m still freaking out about starting the job tomorrow.  I drove out to the place to see how long it would take and as I was driving away from there I really didn’t want to go to work tomorrow.

I got to the grocery store and was fighting back tears.  I told myself to give it two weeks and if I still felt like this than I would tell the staffing agency that I need another assignment.

The job itself doesn’t seem like the problem and having a job is a good thing (and a good way for me to cope with my depression).  I just feel like I’ve made a bad decision in accepting this job. That all I do is keep making bad decisions. 

I’ve had two major periods of unemployment now. I think that’s part of the problem because I’ve spent so much time not working and looking for work that actually working is not something I can wrap my head around.  It’s something scary. And I feel like this was just dropped on me last minute even though it wasn’t.  I just really need more time to adjust but I don’t have it.

I did finally hear back about the job from the phone interview.  I didn’t get it. I got a call this morning for an application I put in two weeks ago but turned it down because I’m starting this new one. I kind of wish I hadn’t but it was call center and probably paid less than this job I currently have.

I feel like I’m going to get lost,  not to the location because I drove there earlier,  but after I get there. Or that I’ll get there and they won’t need me. Which my anxiety will like the second because then I won’t work and won’t be anxious.

I hate this.

Good News

I have a job. It’s a temp job but it’s a job.

So that job I was freaking out about last time I chose not to take. And then was mildly freaking out what if I never get  another job interview?

Then I had a phone interview yesterday and told myself I didn’t have to take it.  Interview went well and am supposed to hear back Monday.

Then I get a call from the staffing agency with an immediate job opening and no need to interview, just fill out pre-hire paperwork. Told them I was interested and went in this morning to do the paperwork and drug test.

I then got an email yesterday for a phone interview with another place. I turned that one down.

But I have a job. It’s four ten hour shifts but can go longer. It’s Tues-Fri swing shift which I think will work well. It’s only for two or three months for now but might turn into full time.

And that one I interviewed for yesterday I’m not going to be taking.

Roly Poly Oly

Ignore my complaining feet. I had a busy day. Got a lot done as well.

With everything I had to do, I spent eight hours running around today. Granted most of it was driving and waiting. I did get a brake light replaced for free because they took so long to fix it. I honestly still would have paid because they made me laugh. Though that might have been the lack of sleep. I seem to do better on less sleep (I doubt feel so tired or groggy) than I do with eight or more.

The paperwork that I have to fill out for food stamps isn’t hard but needs some work.  The volunteer hours are the biggest issue right now (I’m waiting to hear back on the one though the application was filled out and sent in Monday).  As long as I have the hours by the last Friday of the month, I should be okay.

Today was one of my better days. Now my feet, knees, and back need to quit whining. It wasn’t that bad.


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