The Angries

I have anger issues. There. I said it. But I’m not supposed to get angry or be angry or feel angry or show anger. I’m supposed to keep my mouth shut and take it. I’m to keep smiling and never show any emotion but happiness. Feeling any emotion is explicitly NOT allowed. That’s not what … Continue reading The Angries

Spanking Allows Adults to Achieve Revenge Against Children

Spanking is the adult desire to retaliate against the child’s humiliation and embarassment of him/her.  The decision to spank is always done in anger.  Always.  The actual physical spanking may be done without acknowledged anger but anger completely colors the process from the beginning. Spanking is used not as a means of true discipline but … Continue reading Spanking Allows Adults to Achieve Revenge Against Children

More Poems

Drowning You crash in Carrying the ocean of your emotions as if a hurricane has sucked them all up.  You release them not caring about the consequences, the blown down trees, the ripped roofs, the shattered windows, the complete destruction of a town.  For you it’s all about release about you sharing when nobody wants … Continue reading More Poems

Oy Vey

I keep wanting to visit that stupid blog even though I know I shouldn’t.  So far I’ve managed not to for almost three days.  I don’t need to read lies and garbage that will just make me angry.  And posting comments would probably get me banned, not because I was rude or anything but because … Continue reading Oy Vey


Red Sox won!!!  While they’ll never be my Cubies, I will root for Boston when they are in the playoffs or World Series. (Or any team that beats the evil empire, those evil Yankees)  And they won!! So some good news for me. And yes, I did make it to the library and got most … Continue reading Woohoo!!!

Writing A Bad Day

I had to write this out with paper and own because I was in such a bad headspace earlier.  I write this in just over an hour with several crying jags and moments of extreme anger that resulted with me hitting myself.  Like I said, not a good headspace. Today is one of my bad … Continue reading Writing A Bad Day

And So It Goes On

I hate the days AFTER. After I talk about my past.  After a panic attack.  After a trigger. Just after. It took my quite a while before I was calm enough to sleep (had to read in bed for quite a while) and didn’t get up until nearly 5 in the afternoon.  Then I’m emotionally … Continue reading And So It Goes On